STF Announces Recipients of 2018 Jimmie and Suey Fong Yee Scholarship

By Josh Tolentino

The Asian American Journalists Association Sports Task Force is pleased to announce that Pablo Iglesias and Souichi Terada are this year’s recipients of the the 2018 Jimmie & Suey Fong Yee Scholarship, funded by prominent sports agent Don Yee.

The $1,000 scholarships will help cover expenses related to travel and accommodations for the 2018 AAJA convention in Houston.

“There were many applicants who proved to be qualified,” said Sports Task Force chairman Howard Chen. “So for Pablo and Souichi to stand out from that group means a lot. 

“AAJA Sports Task Force is so thankful for Don Yee’s support of diversity in sports journalism. His contribution will help Pablo and Souichi take further steps in accomplishing their dreams.”

Representing many clients, including Tom Brady and Jimmy Garappolo, Yee has developed into one of the NFL’s most-respected agents. He said he was very impressed with Iglesias and Terada.

“Both (Iglesias and Terada) have demonstrated drive and perseverance – they have an inner passion, and that is a big key to any success,” Yee said. “All of us will experience ups and downs in our journey, and perseverance is an important trait to have.”

Iglesias, a graduate of Bradley University, said his family’s story was similar to Yee’s.

“I related to Don’s story in a similar way – there are challenges as minorities that we go through,” Iglesias said. We can’t be afraid of those challenges. I’ve tried to hold myself to those standards. That doesn’t mean you should fall down to them. You need to continue to challenge yourself.”

After graduating from Bradley in Spring 2017, Iglesias returned to his alma mater, Mount Carmel High School, to work in the athletic department as a multimedia marketing specialist. He also freelances for Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, a television based in the Philippines. He recently covered the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four in San Antonio.

Iglesias attended his first AAJA convention last year in Philadelphia. He said his involvement with AAJA has helped him immensely.

“Growing up, I was probably one of if not the only minority in any group, outside of my family,” he said. “Going to AAJA was a different type of experience. It was such a great experience. It gave me the empowering feeling as an Asian American that we could make it.

“The love and support – we all root for each other and share our stories. AAJA and the STF was a welcoming community.”

Terada, a rising senior at Michigan State University, said AAJA has helped pave a path for him in journalism.

Terada works on campus as a sports reporter for Michigan State’s student newspaper, The State News. He is interning this summer at the Tennessean, as part of the Sports Journalism Institute.

“I’m really excited to meet the AAJA family,” Terada said. “It’s cool knowing there is a group of like-minded professionals of the same color and background. AAJA’s mission really hits home.

“At Michigan State, I use diversity as a big platform to spread awareness.”

Don Yee

The 2018 AAJA convention marks the third consecutive year Yee is providing financial aid to the AAJA Sports Task Force. Former Jimmie and Suey Fong Yee Scholarship recipients include Josh Tolentino, Charlie Lapastora and Daniel Tran.

“My parents raised their children to understand that the best purpose in life is to lend a helping hand to others,” Yee said. “I’m just privileged to be in a position to help.  I actually feel lucky to get to know the next generation of talent and leaders.”

Yee stressed an important message to Iglesias, Terada and other aspiring Asian American journalists.

“Asian stories are just as important as any others,” Yee said. “A lot of us have grown up on Western media where we essentially are invisible, and this type of media diet can cause us to minimize our own existence. I hope Pablo and Souichi will keep this in mind as they pursue their careers.”

Tami Nguyen of Boston University Wins Coveted STF’s ESPN Internship

By Josh Tolentino

The Asian American Journalists Association Sports Task Force is proud to announce Tami Nguyen as the second winner of its ESPN internship.

Nguyen is graduating this month from Boston University. 

She was recently named winner of the 2018 Al Young Sports Journalist Scholarship. Nguyen is the first female recipient of both the scholarship and internship.

“I’m really proud of all that Tami has accomplished,” said Howard Chen, STF’s chairman. “There were many worthy applicants, and through a very thorough judging and vetting process. Tami was ultimately chosen as the best fit for this ESPN internship. We are extremely thankful to Disney and ESPN for helping to make this opportunity possible through AAJA’s Sports Task Force.”

Nguyen’s passion for journalism has grown through her current internship with the control room at TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics and Bruins. She’s spent the past season covering various athletes, including Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown, Zdeno Chara and others.

She hopes to continue her sports journalism career after college in Boston and work in live sports coverage.

Nguyen joined AAJA in high school. However, she didn’t attend her first event until a few months ago when she decide to stop by an event hosted by AAJA New England, where she met Al Young and other Boston-based journalists.

She instantly found a home. 

“AAJA is very family oriented,” Nguyen said. “I’m beyond thankful both of these opportunities were given to me this year. I wasn’t involved much before, but AAJA and the Sports Task Force has helped open so many doors.”

When Nguyen found out she won the internship, she was quick to make a first request.

“I wanted to make sure I could attend AAJA in Houston,” she said.

Nguyen plans on attending her first AAJA national convention this summer in Houston, and increasing her involvement with the AAJA Sports Task Force.

“Winning this scholarship and internship has re-assured me I chose the right path,” Nguyen said. “The Sports Task Force has done so much and the success I enjoy is a direct benefit of the support I receive.”

Tami Nguyen Wins STF’s Al Young Sports Journalism Scholarship

By Mark Kim

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) is proud to announce Tami Nguyen as the third recipient of the Al Young Sports Journalist Scholarship. She is the first woman to receive this scholarship.

Tami Nguyen and Al Young

“I know the judges all worked very diligently during this process and am very happy that AAJA’s Sports Task Force can assist Tami in pursuing her career goals and also honoring the pioneer in the industry that Al Young is,” said Howard Chen, the chair of AAJA’s Sports Task Force.

Nguyen, a senior at Boston University, started college as a computer science major. But through a control room internship with TD Garden, the home of the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, she found her passion for journalism.

Along with her duties with TD Garden, Nguyen also works for BUTV10, the campus TV station of Boston University, and freelances as a photographer.

“Her talents behind the camera and work ethic, along with her academic success during four years as a Film and Television major at BU, have proven to be top notch,” said Young. “I’m delighted that this award will help move her one step closer to achieving her goal of a sports journalism career.”

Nguyen’s goal is to stay in Boston and work in live sports coverage. While she joined AAJA in her high school years, she plans on increasing her involvement with the AAJA Sports Task Force.

“[Getting this scholarship] was really reassuring because I kind of fell into sports and it’s the best thing ever,” said Nguyen.

The Al Young Scholarship is dedicated to Al Young, one of the first Asian American sports writers to work for a metro daily. Young worked for publications such as USA Today and the Boston Globe before retiring in 2012.