Love or hate them, an agent may be instrumental in helping you find the next “perfect job” or negotiate your salary. Do you need an agent to reach your career goals as talent? 

There are different reasons for getting an agent. For some, it may be to land that million-dollar contract with a large broadcast network. 

Some may have a goal to reach a specific mid-level market. 

Others may want to stay right where they are and negotiate a solid contract in their favorite DMA and local news network. In all these cases, an agent may be helpful… or not.

There are many factors you need to consider when contemplating representation:

  • You’ll be handing over a percentage of your salary to get the attention he offers you and get you in front of your dream job
  • She may represent several clients and many of you, may be part of the same pitch for one position. Your competition may be her other clients!
  • Some agents will only get you in front of IMG_3060the potential jobs and do very little if nothing to negotiate your salary
  • If your agent negotiate and does everything for your contract, you may be forking over more of your salary.
  • Your agent needs to know your fullest potential and skill set intimately to best represent you
  • Depending on your experience, you may not be worth the time investment for an agent. 
  • You really should like you agent… and they should like you. To sell you, they need to believe in you!

So how much of your salary do you sign over to an agent? Should they be negotiating your salary? What do you look for or ask for when considering agents? When should you consider an agent and will it be worth it for you? 

Learn and hear from veteran sports broadcaster,  Kevin Negandhi of ESPN, as he shares his own experiences and offers his expertise regarding agents. 

Don’t miss the Sports Task Force live webinar series, “3 in 30: Do You Need an Agent?” with Kevin Negandhi. Join us on June 4th at 9AM PST 12Noon EST and sign up here to be first and learn more about how to access this free webinar series! Kevin will share three important tips critical to determining if you need an agent, what you need to know about the process and make himself available to sure your questions! 


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“Do You Need an Agent?” with Kevin Negandhi.
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