The AAJA convention was a huge success and it was a pleasure seeing you all there!

During the convention, Sports Task Force recommended ZIRX for your parking needs. If you didn’t have the chance to use it, you’re still in luck! The on-demand parking service may be in a city near you, or somewhere you travel to. Currently the service is based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Washington D.C, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Parking in downtown in these cities is incredibly difficult. This service diminishes the stress of city parking. As mentioned in our previous blog, ZIRX is a local service that will pick up your vehicle at your feet. Download the application on your mobile device, request for an agent to pick up your vehicle, await their arrival, and you’re on your way! ZIRX stores your vehicle in a secure, close-by, garage. When you are ready for your vehicle, get on the app and request an agent to bring it to you.

As journalists or media professionals within this industry, being in these downtown areas is quite prevalent. ZIRX offers monthly passes and you can use your pass in ANY of the cities listed above. Other services are also offered in the application such as car washes and oil changes.

How to start:

> Download the mobile application: ZIRX

> Enter in your information

> Drop the blue arrow pin to where you want your vehicle picked up (within the ZIRX Zone)

> Await an agent

> Upon arrival, they will tell you a secure code (this will match the code on your phone)

> Make sure you have all of your belongings and you’re ready to go!


How to receive your vehicle:

> Open the ZIRX app

> Click ‘Set-up delivery’

> Drop the blue arrow pin to where you want the agent to bring your vehicle

> Await the arrival – just a few minutes

> Provide your agent with the security code on your phone

> And you’re set!

Sports Task Force highly recommends this service for all of your downtown endeavors!

For more information, please visit