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The day has come and Sports Task Force is looking forward to seeing all of you! San Francisco is known for difficult parking and STF is offering FREE parking through ZIRX, an on-demand parking service.

ZIRX is a local service that will pick up your car right at your feet. All you have to do is get on the application, request for an agent to pick up your vehicle, await their arrival, and you are on your way! They store your vehicle in a secure, close-by, covered garage. Once you’re ready for your car, request delivery and they will bring it back!

How to start:

> Download the mobile application: ZIRX

> Enter in your information

> Apply this FREE coupon code: PARKSTF (your account will now have 2 credits)

> Drop the blue arrow pin to where you want your vehicle picked up

> Await for an agent

> Upon arrival, they will tell you a secure code (this will match the code on your phone)

> Make sure you have all of your belongings and you’re ready to go!


How to receive your vehicle :

> Open the Zirx app

> Click ‘Set-up delivery’

> Drop the blue arrow pin to where you want the agent to bring your vehicle

> Await the arrival – just a few minutes

> Provide your agent with your pick-up code


And just like that, you’re ready for your next destination!
For more information, visit zirx.com